Friday, October 17, 2008

Special Delivery- The Bruery Growlers

Stop all the presses- our growlers have arrived!

Growler price- $10 (not including fill cost)
If you bought a blank growler off of us, you can redeem it for a $5 credit on the new growler.

The bad news- we can no longer fill blank or other brewery's growlers.  Our new growlers are so pretty that you will be tempted to just display them on your fireplace shelf.

The good news- you don't have to deal with those pesky growler stickers any more.  No separate caps- hooray!


Anonymous said...

So, how many growlers can I get filled at one time?
Seriously, I'll see you there later on today, great news!
BTW, Rachel, you are a wiz at that marketing blitz!

Anonymous said...

I got my 3 Sat. and will fill them up regularly!
$10. come on these are flip top's. and will go a year before you need the gasket!

Thank's Pat and Rachel for the Humulus Bruin and Autum Maple, it went very well at the Barley Bandit's BBQ! Could have served at least a keg!
Thanks Pat/Lori Duke for the BBBQQBEERWHATCHACALLIT/

If you like The Bruery's beers, be sure to check out your local homebrew club, since Patrick's hit it out of this park.
Local brewers become craft then national then infamous ones. And Patrick's destined for all the above.

Open Friday's 2-8 and Saturdays 12-6 with tour of the Bruery.

Step up and Stop On By for the best craft brewed beer in Placentia, CA., and soon to be ?

Anonymous said...

I filled another 2 Sat with the Humilous Bruin (excellent!) and the pre-release Humulous Gold, a belgian strong golden with summmit/sterling hop profile.
Keep it up Patrick! Good job.