Thursday, October 23, 2008

Autumn Maple & Bourbon Barrel Aged Batch No. 1 - Levud's

Thank you all for being so patient with us on both Autumn Maple (in the bottles) and the rest of the Bourbon Barrel Aged Batch No. 1.  We're finally releasing both at the tasting room this weekend, and the Autumn Maple will be on store shelves and the finest of restaurants starting next week.  We anticipate high demand for the Bourbon Barrel Aged Batch No. 1 this weekend, so we're limiting each person to 4 bottles.  

We'll start selling both on Friday at 2 PM.  Autumn Maple will be $11 per bottle, and Bourbon Barrel Aged Batch No. 1 will be $20 per bottle.

Now that we have bottles of Autumn Maple, we won't be filling growlers of Autumn Maple anymore as we only have a few kegs left and want to keep it on tap for tastings.  Sorry for the inconvenience!

Also, don't forget about the Beer Geek Show-and-Tell on Saturday!  Sorry for those who get offended by the term beer geek.  I call myself one if it helps.


Phil said...

Fantastic news, Patrick. I will see you on Saturday for sure. I am planning to give one away as a prize on my Halloween show releasing next Thursday, so your timing is impeccable.

See you then.

Phil said...

PS: Anyone offended by the term beer geek is in the wrong place. :-)

jcalabre2 said...

I'll be there early to get some BA Levud's but won't be able to stay for the Geek tasting. Hope you make these tastings a regular event.

spawn said...

Hi, this is dondon of a social network for beer lovers to chat and share knowledge about their favorite Beers.

Would you mind if we do link exchange?

Please shoot me an email if you are interested.

Thanks and hope to hear from you.

Beaverbeliever said...

Question - I was reading and it said you were releasing a "barrel-aged 20% stout" that was coming out in the next few months. Do you have a release date yet? A name?

Patrick Rue said...

Hi Beaverbeliever-- the Imperial Stout has been aging in oak barrels since June, and I anticipate releasing it next September or so. It is *only* 18% (a bit short of the 20% goal), and needs plenty of time to mellow and gain some delicious oakiness. "Black Tuesday" is the working title, but it could change if we think of a cooler name.