Tuesday, April 13, 2010


If you haven't yet heard, this past week was the Craft Brewers Conference in Chicago. Patrick, Rachel, Tyler, Jonas and Doug all went out there to attend some seminars, lead some seminars and drink a lot of beer. The week was pretty great and its cool going to events like that now that we have a bit of an established name in the industry. Kind of crazy how two years ago we were barely a professional brewery and this year Patrick was on a panel with some of the nations top brewery owners like Vinnie from Russian River and Sam from Dogfish Head.

The real fun of the weekend came on the last night. The CBC concludes with a banquet dinner and the World Beer Cup awards. Typically, we enjoy these events because there is good food and beer, but this year we had a bit more to be happy about. WE WON TWO GOLD MEDALS!!!

Our 100% Brett Autumn Maple, a version of our Fall seasonal fermented exclusively on brettanomyces yeast, won the Gold in the Experimental Beer category. This was pretty darned awesome.

But then, a few categories later, we heard our name called again! Oude Tart, our Flemish Red, won the Gold in the Flanders Style Ale category!

We seriously couldn't believe it. Not only did we win two medals, but it was two GOLD medals! That means two of our beers are the best in the world at the style they are aiming for. A bigger compliment can not be handed to a brewer.

Pretty awesome.

Thanks to everyone who's been sticking by our side since the beginning and thanks as well to those who may have just discovered our little brewery. We're two year and two medals in and have no intentions on stopping.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

This weekend at the Tasting Room!

Highlights this week –

New pilot batch on tap! Humulus Humanless

Piaggio on Wheels Friday night

Brooklyn Boys Deli Saturday night

Growler fills of Humulus Lager

Well, we hope everyone had a nice holiday weekend – we're back to our normal hours this weekend. More hours = more beer, so that's a good thing!

This weekend we have another pilot batch to run past you. We're always trying to come up with new beers and we like to do a test run to see what you think. You may remember when we did this a few months back with Amulet: Tyler's magical Unicorn, that it was a very limited batch. We only have 1 keg, so come early!

This pilot has been dubbed “Humulus Humanless” by our brewer Jay. It's made from the second runnings of Black Tuesday and then dry-hopped with Summit and Sterling. Delicious!

We'll also have some of our favorite food trucks this weekend. Piaggio on Wheels will be showing up on Friday night to serve some Argentinian treats and Brooklyn Boys NY Deli will be making their second Tasting Room appearance on Saturday night. We loved their pastrami so much we couldn't wait to have them back!

This weekend we'll be pouring:

Orchard White (available for growler fills)

Saison Rue

Rugbrød (available for growler fills)

Saison De Lente (Reserve Society growlers)

Mischief (available for growler fills)

Humulus Lager (available for growler fills)

Melange No. Sechs (Reserve Society growlers)

Hottenroth Berliner Weisse (available for growler fills)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Hops, hops, and more hops this weekend!

-3 Different Triple Hopped Pins of Humulus Lager this Friday!
⁃ Barcelona On The Go Tapas truck on Friday
⁃ Kogi BBQ on Saturday

Being that it's the beginning of April, we're gearing up for what is usually First Firkin Friday. This month, however, that's not the case. Sorry folks – no firkin at all this weekend!

We know this is upsetting news, but hopefully, the three pins that we'll be putting out for you will make up for it! Some of you might have made it out last summer when we did something similar, but if you missed it, what we're doing is a little study of hops in our Humulus Lager. Each pin is not once, not twice, but triple dry hopped – twice in the fermenter and then again in the cask with a different varietal. Here's what we're looking at:

Pin #1: Humulus Lager with whole flower Centennial
Pin #2: Humulus Lager with whole flower Citra
Pin #3: Humulus Lager with whole flower Simcoe

We'll offer a special flight of these three as well, in case you're having a hard time deciding! Also on Friday night, we have a new food truck stopping by. Barcelona On The Go is a Spanish Tapas truck that offers some tasty sounding dishes like manchego & ham croquettes and paella. Hoppy beer & Spanish snacks sounds like a great pairing to me!

On Saturday, Kogi BBQ will be back at their usual time – 6:30 until close. These guys don't need much of an introduction anymore, I think you're all pretty familiar with their delicious food!

Finally, please note that we will be CLOSED EASTER SUNDAY! I'm sure many of you will be hunting for eggs that day, so make sure you come pick up your bottles of Saison De Lente on Friday or Saturday so you have them for your celebrations.

This weekend we're pouring:
Orchard White (available for growlers)
Saison Rue
Saison De Lente (Reserve Society Growlers)
Mischief (available for growlers)
Rugbrød (available for growlers)
Humulus Lager
Hottenroth Berliner Weisse (available for growlers)
Melange No. Sechs (Reserve Society Growlers)
Holiday Wine Cellar 45th Anniversary Imperial Porter

Hope to see you there!

Local Homeless Man Reformed As Brewer

Only in America...



Happy April Fool's Travis...