Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Learn 5 Things About Belgian's Inventions & Innovations

There's no shortage of Belgian geniuses that have created lots of awesome inventions, innovations, and super brilliant ideas (like the Smurfs). It wasn't easy to pick which five were our favorites, but these might be the best ones to keep in your back pocket for trivia.

Did you know that the Belgians invented ...

Monday, April 7, 2014

Learn 5 Things About Belgium's Cuisine

When we think of Belgian food of course the waffles, chocolates, and beer come to mind. But Belgium has contributed a looooooot of other dishes to the culinary world (and most all of them seem to come with fries, according to our own Benjamin).

Here are five of the most delicious ones we've found, and some we even tried for ourselves when our team went to Belgium last year.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Learn 5 Things About Belgium's Painters

Northern European paintings have their own distinct style -- blame it on the lighting, weather, or a host of cultural differences. We're not going to take you to art history school (we're probably not really qualified to anyway), but part of Belgium's culture certain lies in it's fine art, and some unusual anecdotes lie in those artists' biographies.

Did you know ...

Learn 5 Things About Belgium's Music

When you think of country music and jazz guitarists, your mind probably doesn't go straight to Belgium. We've found some favorite gems about Belgium's music history and culture that should undoubtedly prove useful in a bar trivia game ... someday.

Did you know Belgium:

Learn 5 Things About Belgium's Traditions

Each country has a set of unique traditions as part of their cultural identity. Belgium is lucky enough to have some that date back to the 14th century that we've found particularly fascinating.

Did you know that Belgium:

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Learn 5 Things About Belgium's Languages

(photo via Somewhere in the Middle)

Belgium is a country with a pretty complex identity. Crammed in between a handful of other countries that have been in and out of fights since the beginning of history, Belgium is geographically predisposed to being a melting-pot of cultures. It's no surprise then that the country is home to lots of languages and dialects.

Did you know that Belgium:

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Learn 5 Things About Belgium's Geography

April showers bring ... facts about Belgium!

As we celebrate Belgian beers at The Bruery for the month of April, it seemed like we should take a step back and look at Belgium itself. For the beginning of April we'll be posting a brief daily blog with some fun facts you can brag about over a beer or two at the Tasting Room while enjoying the special releases and happenings we have planned there.

Let's start with some geography-related facts on Belgium ...

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Expansion Update 5: The Bruery Provisie

As you probably guessed from all of our recent posts on expansion, we were saving the best for last and today we are excited to announce the plans for The Bruery Provisie™.

The Bruery Provisie is a "Beer Spa" and is set to open in early Fall of this year just two doors down from our current Tasting Room.  Initially it will only be open to our current Society members, but there are plans to open new Provisie memberships in 2015.

Our Beer Spa will be a one of a kind destination for beer lovers to relax, rejuvenate and detox while enjoying beer inspired products such as Hop Tea.  The Bruery Provisie will feature many of the standard spa amenities, but with a beer twist.  Hop oil massages, barley soaks, honey & hops foot baths and once our new brewhouse is in place, we're even reconfiguring our current mash tun to become the ultimate beer lovers' hot tub!