Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Learn 5 Things About Belgium's Geography

April showers bring ... facts about Belgium!

As we celebrate Belgian beers at The Bruery for the month of April, it seemed like we should take a step back and look at Belgium itself. For the beginning of April we'll be posting a brief daily blog with some fun facts you can brag about over a beer or two at the Tasting Room while enjoying the special releases and happenings we have planned there.

Let's start with some geography-related facts on Belgium ...
Did you know that Belgium:

Shares borders with France, Luxembourg, Germany, The Netherlands

Has 41.3 miles of coastline along the North Sea

Has a capital city of Brussels.

Is just shy of 12,000 sq mi (11,787 sq mi to be exact, which is about the size of Maryland).

Has one of the world's largest container ports, located in Antwerp (which is also the third largest in Europe).

Bonus: They have these in their ocean.

And tractors on their front lawns.

(All photos thanks to the power of Google Maps)


livingminimal said...

This Sunday is also the single largest sporting event in Belgium, the Ronde Van Vlaanderen. Cycling is still king in Belgium and Eddy Merckx is still idolized, but Tom Boonen is the most heralded road cyclist from Belgium, and don't get me started on Cyclocross. Bruery needs to mix in more cycling to it's beer!

livingminimal said...

(Ronde van Vlaanderen = Tour of Flanders)

Cambria said...

That's a great tip, thanks! We'll now be including it in our post about Belgian traditions tomorrow. Cheers!