Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Summer Camp Crafts with our Friends: Giant Scrabble Wall Art

We've been busy having fun with some summer camp-inspired crafts at The Bruery, but we want to see what you've been creating, too. Contribute your craft to The Bruery Blog by entering our Summer Camp Crafting Blog Off. Our second contributor, Lauren Obregón, cut and painted these super giant scrabble letters as wall decor.

My husband and I just moved last August to the LA area from Boston. Almost exactly a year into being CA residents, I was going insane not having anything on our walls (ok, we've NEVER had anything on our walls-- on either coast). It looked like we were living in a men's college dorm. So, this last Monday morning I decided that by Monday night we'd have art. I took my love of Scrabble (I'm a 4th grade teacher, so I'm all for word appreciation!), all of our combined initials and pet names, and finally had something on the wall!

Inspiration: The incredible Insideways Blog

1. Go to Home Depot and purchase a light wood by the sheet. I bought a piece of sanded plywood. Have them cut it into 9.5" x 9.5" squares. (Or another size if that works better for you)

2. Use a finishing sanding sponge to slightly round out the edges (like how Scrabble tiles look) and make the sides smooth.

3. Grab a cold beer to reward yourself for having gotten this far without giving up.

4. Print out Scrabble letters to about the size of your tiles. I got mine here.

5. Use a pencil to scribble over the back of each letter on its piece of paper. (Think of this like the leaf or grave rubbings you did as a kid). Flip the paper with the letter back around to the right side, line it up to where you want it on your wood square, and press down on the outline of the letter. The scribble that you made on the back will help to transfer the letter outline faintly into the wood square.

6. From here, you have two choices. Artsy-crafty? Use a fine brush and acrylic paint to painstakingly outline and fill in the numbers and letter. Lazy like me? Grab a Sharpie or acrylic paint marker to outline the letter and corresponding number, then use the largest brush possible to fill in the middle with acrylic paint. Goes much faster!

7. Let the paint dry, then flip each tile over and attach some sort of hanging apparatus (you can buy wire or brackets or whatever you'd like to hang it by at craft stores like Michaels or AC Moore)

8. Hang it on your wall. Use a friend or spouse or neighbor or reluctant family member to make sure things are straight. Or you can just settle for "good enough", as I did.

Insideways was great at getting me what I needed to do this -- I would recommend getting an acrylic paint marker to do the outline faster, unless you're really patient and good at painting.

As I just did this on Monday, I actually remember -- I had a Hair of the Dog Adam to start, then split a Drake's Denogginizer when it came time to hang.

Post contributed by Lauren Obregón. Lauren is a crafting-impaired 4th grade teacher (an unfortunate combination). Having moved to the LA area from Boston one year ago, she can mostly be found enjoying the absurd amount of sunshine found on this coast, or driving around Tijuana discovering new Baja craft beers.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Summer Camp Crafts with our Friends: Beer Label Letters Decoupage

We've been busy having fun with some summer camp-inspired crafts at The Bruery, but we want to see what you've been creating, too. Contribute your own craft project to The Bruery Blog by entering our Summer Camp Crafting Blog Off. Our first contributor, Kim Parsons, gussied up her walls with some super giant beer label art.

I needed some beer art to go on the walls of a friend's restaurant & brewery. So I came up with this Beer Label Letters Decoupage project.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Summer Camp Crafts with our Bruers: Chris D.'s Upcycled Wood Barrel Planters

When I was a kid I hated helping with yard work at my parents house. It was mostly raking up leaves from a giant sycamore tree my parents planted when we first moved into the house I grew up in. As I’ve gotten older I’ve fallen in love with gardening. I now understand my father’s obsession with giving life to seedlings and watching them grow.

Not everyone has space for a garden or has a backyard. Thankfully, container gardening on a patio or an apartment balcony can be enough for most everyone. Recently I wanted to add a few fruit trees in my backyard and I thought that putting them in into wood barrels sounded like a great idea. It adds a nice decorative touch to an outside area and most dwarf or ultra-dwarf fruit tree varieties do well in a container.

Summer Camp Crafts with our Bruers: Cambria's DIY Floating Beer Bar

While swimming around in Mexico/tubing down the Owen's River/floating on Lake Isabella, I needed a way to have my beverage float alongside me while I was in the water. Most of the time I'd just hold it, but sometimes you need to have your hands free to use a squirt gun on someone. It seemed like an obvious solution to this problem was simple: add some stabilization to my already buoyant beer koozie. Now the only problem I faced was that I hadn't come up with a way to do it myself ... yet.

This project involes two main parts: a koozie and a float the koozie sits in. You can opt to attach the float it to your koozie with glue, or just slip it on without glue so you can adjust the buoyancy of the whole thing as you empty your beverage. Your float will be a looser fit depending on how big you cut your holes.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Summer Camp Crafts with our Bruers: Victor's Reclaimed Pallet Herb Garden

This is a project that arose from the desire to create a vertical herb garden that wouldn’t occupy much square footage since the rest of my backyard is pretty much occupied with growing several varieties of the hottest peppers in the world.

I had seen a few Etsy posts from my wife that touched on the subject and gave me a good head start in the design department. I didn’t use any one specific set of directions, rather I just pulled the best ideas from several sets of plans that I had decided were the best fit for what I wanted. This project really doesn’t require any set of specialized skills as long as you can use a few basic hand tools and a circular saw.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Summer Camp Crafts with our Bruers: Matt's Tie Dyed Tank Tops

Last summer, we ordered some tank tops to be sold in The Bruery Tasting Room. Warm weather, beaches, beer festivals, outdoor concerts, BBQs ... sounds like tank top season to me! But, we ended up with quite a few of these tank tops left over.

As I was looking at the pile of white tank tops with their bright multi-colored The Bruery logos, I thought back to a bluegrass festival I attended with my dad a few weeks back. I was a little surprised to see a few other attendees sporting their tie-dyed brewery shirts that day. That’s all the convincing it took. We were about to have some hippie-inspired, hand-crafted, tie dyed The Bruery tank tops.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Summer Camp Crafts with our Bruers: Benjamin's Barrel Stave Bottle Openers

I drink a lot of beer and therefore have quite a collection of bottle openers. Not like I really need them since I’m well versed in opening bottles with the edge of a table, a lighter, a ring or another bottle, but it’s always nice to actually have some sweet looking devices that are specifically made for popping the top on my favorite craft beer.

I had seen some examples of bottle openers made out of a piece of wood that uses either a nail or a screw as a the opener and I always liked these. They are used as a lever, applying force in the opposite direction from the standard bottle opener, which actually leads to a more “proper” manner of prying a crown off of a bottle. And if you are a bottle cap collector, this version of an opener won’t bend the crown.

You will need some tools for this crafty project, but it’s good to own tools, so here is an excuse to buy a few.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Summer Camp Crafts with our Bruers: Jessica's Beer T-shirt Modifications

Working in the beer industry has a few perks. Besides all the free beer and cool people there are lots of t-shirts (at least to me this is a bonus). What better way to support your favorite brewery than by wearing their merch? However I generally do not like to represent my local brewery with just a simple t-shirt.

By applying some DIY (do-it-yourself) techniques, I have modified many of my favorite brewery t-shirts.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Recipe: ¡Bionicos del Cesar!

Here at The Bruery we love our fruit in beer. So much so, that it’s difficult think of what to do with it when we’re not putting it in beer. And we’re not too keen on garnishing the sides of our tulip glasses with fruit either.

So what can we actually do with fruit that doesn’t involve randalls, aging, ninja slicing, and racking?

I used to hang out with my dad on the "mean" streets of Los Angeles. Being a kid, I was hungry every 5 minutes. That meant my dad would have to find food quickly that I wouldn’t complain about. To the rescue came the street vendor around the corner who, if memory serves me right, would always have a plethora of fresh fruit in her cart.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Juicy June: Brace Yourself for All the Fruited Brews

We had a fun month during May releasing tons of archived bottles for sale in celebration of our 6th anniversary. We thank you for coming to visit us, whether it was to just grab a few bottles to complete your craft beer collection or to raise a tulip of an old favorite from the archives.

As we roll into June, we have loads of great new and archive beers to look forward to on draft. In addition to the annual bottle release of some seasonal favorites, we also have fun archive bottle pours and even an archive bottle sale, too.

Here's what you can look forward to for our Fruited Beer Month of June. For exact dates of these happenings, follow The Bruery Tasting Room Facebook and Twitter. Please be aware these items are subject to change -- we were just so excited about all this good stuff to come, we wanted to let you know what's up.