Wednesday, March 25, 2009

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We've welcomed ourselves to 2009 by extending our blogging to Twitter!  Start following TheBruery today and whether it be brewing Saison Rue, stocking the shelves of BevMo or concocting a brand new recipe for you all to enjoy, you will always know what's happening.  Once we've accumulated enough followers, we'll also send out announcements through Twitter, so those who follow us closely will be the first to know about special events or limited releases and be able to get in on them before everyone else.  

Go to or search for @TheBruery on your twitter account and start following us one tweet at a time.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Thanks for celebrating with us!

As many of you know, this past weekend we had the pleasure of hosting our St. Veronus Celebration, which was our Belgian spin on the usual St. Patrick's Day festivities.  We had some fantastic treats and even better Belgian music (which came in quite the variety)!  Most importantly though, we had the opportunity to share a few new beers with you!  

It was a great time and we just want to say thanks!  If you were able to make it, we hope you had a good time and enjoyed our latest offerings in addition to our regular line up.  Here are a few pictures of the event.

We loaded up our new taps for the occasion!

Getting the place ready for the event.

Enjoying the festivities.  

And of course, the beer.  Here's a glass of White Zin, released this weekend.

Thanks again, and we'll see you soon!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Batch#50 Aging Away

We just put Batch#50 in its home for the next two to three years!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

White Zin - The Beginning

Here is Jay and I blending the White Zin into our bright tank. This beer was born from a need to top off a partially filled barrel of our Zin-Beer and good timing. A batch of Lambic was conditioning in the fermenter at the time and the thought of the two being married together put a smile on our face. This is an amazing beer, one of my favorites!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Special Release Beers for our St. Veronus Celebration!

Our St. Veronus Celebration is almost here!  As promised we'll be releasing some new beers for the event, and oh man are they exciting!

First, Melange #3 is a complex blend of three unreleased bourbon barrel aged beers, including our Black Tuesday Imperial Stout, White Oak Wheat Wine, and Papier, our 1st Anniversary beer (an Old Ale).  Weighing in at 15% ABV, and layered with flavor, this is a special release you won't want to miss.  Some of you may have had the opportunity to sample this one at the Tasting Room, and now you can come and fully enjoy it.

Another beer we'll be premiering is our Cuvee Jeune.  This is a Young American Wild Ale fermented with traditional Lambic flora and then aged in Chardonnay barrels, finishing at approximately 6.5% ABV.

Last but not least, we'll be serving White Zin.  Nope, not the wine.  It's a beer for which we've blended that Cuvee Juene with our Zinbier, a Belgian blonde fermented with almost 1000 lbs of zinfandel grapes.  It's approximately 7.5% ABV and will be available for the first time this weekend.

Hopefully this news has you even more excited for this weekend's event, I know we sure are!  See you there!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Brewing Batch #50

Last week we were lucky enough to meet Al Buck and his wife Nina, winner of our Batch #50 competition. They flew in from New Jersey to help, err…make sure we didn’t screw up his recipe too badly when it came time to brew his Gueuze. We put him to work early Thursday morning mashing in the thickest mash we have ever done at the brewery. His recipe called for using a turbid mash which meant Al had a long day of mixing this insanely thick mixture of un-malted wheat and barley, which isn’t easy, believe me! Hopefully, we came close enough to his original recipe; I can only hope that our version turns out as good as his, which is amazing to say the least! After about a 12 hour brew day (that’s including clean-up) his beer was in the fermenter pitched with yeast and bacteria that he provided himself. He keeps all these cool yeasts and bacteria banked at his house! The next night I had the privilege to hang out with Al and Nina while drinking some of his amazing homebrew and talking yeast; he is a very knowledgeable guy and I love learning new things about brewing! It was a pleasure meeting both of them and I hope they can make it out next year (or sooner) to help us brew the second part of his recipe (it’s a blend of two and one year old lambic.)


Thanks Al and Nina, I had fun brewing and drinking some great beer with you over the past few days!

Here's Al mashing in his recipe on our brewhouse