Saturday, December 14, 2013

What's in our Bruers' Cellars? Part 5 with Cambria Griffith

We're taking a look at some of our staff's personal beer cellars as we continue our month of celebrating (or cellarbrating?) cellared & aged beer. Today we look into the cellar tucked away in several cabinets in a (hopefully) temperate Long Beach apartment of Cambria Griffith, our Social Media & Marketing Manager.

Ok, yes, I wrote that in third person. Though my cellar might not stack up to some of those wine caves out there, I love getting surprised each time I decide to go ahead and dig in there to open something special. Thanks to this series of blogs on Bruer Cellars, I've been inspired to do a little spring winter cleaning.

It's been a fun month of learning more about both the science of The Bruery making cellarable beer and the art of properly cellaring your own private collection. Lots of our staff members at The Bruery have some impressive archives, but we've all seemed to agree that we're looking forward to cracking open more beers, more often.

Check out the rest of our Bruers' cellars:


Randy Clemens said...

There has been much liver pain in that place.

d rat said...

...and future liver pain Randy Clemens.