Monday, December 9, 2013

What's in our Bruers' Cellars? Part 1 with Benjamin Weiss

For the month of December, we're taking a closer look at cellaring & aging beer. Our staff not only works with beer everyday, we obviously like to drink it too, so some of us have amassed our own beer cellar in the process.  We're opening our cellar doors (or maybe it's just a cabinet or closet door) to share our ups & downs of cellaring.

Check out what Ben, our Director of Marketing, has to say about his cellar. We had him fill out this Mad Lib so he wouldn't get bored with another Q & A asking him about his beer knowledge.

Check out the rest of our Bruers' cellars:


wyatt said...
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wyatt said...

We need high resolution pictures!

Ben Keller said...

Great idea for a string of articles. Look forward to reading these.

Patrick Dawson said...

fun stuff. From one cellarer to another, I'd drink that Midnight Sun Mammoth soon. I've not had good success with it; lots of cardboard.