Friday, January 23, 2009

This Weekend at the Tasting Room (1/23-1/24)

Here's how the menu board is shaping up for this weekend-

Tomorrow morning (Saturday) the Batch 50 competition will take place.  17 different judges from commercial breweries and the BJCP will be casting their votes, so good luck to all!  The results will be announced at the tasting room immediately following the judging, so come on by during normal tasting room hours.  

To celebrate, we decided to put the cask of Black Orchard Mole Poblano (aka holy mole) on tap for this weekend.  For this cask, we have taken Black Orchard and added roasted cocoa bean, roasted and dried poblano chiles, and cinnamon, similar to the traditional mole sauce.   If you come by tomorrow, there will be some special Mexican appetizers specifically chosen to pair with the cask.

Hottenroth Berliner Weisse is finally back, and we love this one even more than the first.  It is  tart and delicious!  Finally, not to forget you hopheads, Humulus Ambre is now on tap.   It's a continuation of our hoppy Belgian-influenced beers, this time a moderate 6% and loaded with American hops.  Both the Hottenroth Berliner Weisse and Humulus Ambre are draft only, so be sure to get a growler fill if you want to take any home.


Chief Style Officer/ Owner


spkrtoy said...

MMMMM, My mouth's already watering! I'll see you in the AM for judging Batch 50's beers and afterward for the special beers!
Have to remember to bring a growler or 2 to fill......

Museman said...

Go get em. Thanks for the blog.