Sunday, September 9, 2007

Beautiful, Sexy New Stainless

I know I'm not alone here-- I get tingly inside by the sight of shiny, new stainless steel. I used to watch Home Improvement on ABC every once in awhile when I was a kid, and I never understood Tim Allen's character going "Arrrgh Arrrgh Arrrgh" like a pirate when he played with a new power tool on his show. Now I get it. Forget the hookers, bring me to the nearest stainless fabrication plant.

On Friday, Sept. 7th, I received a new 30 bbl fermenter, and a 30 bbl brite tank. I ordered these from Rob Soltys of Premier Stainless, who has these manufactured in China. There's a lot of debate about Chinese stainless brewing equipment, and I've seen a lot of Chinese stainless brewing equipment coming out of several different plants, and I feel very good about the quality of these fermenters. There are quite a few well known brewers in San Diego using these also without any issue.

My neighbors at Label Specialties and Factory Merchandising helped me unload the beasts. Thanks guys! The fermenter was too long for one forklift, so we had to use two forklifts and a few dicey maneuvers. Luckily, we got them off the truck without incident. It's all starting to feel real.


Rachel Rue said...

Now that's what I call big competition!!

Anonymous said...

Now it's time to fill 'em up with great beer!

Tony Clarke said...

Nice looking tanks! I was wondering what made you decide to go new vs. used. I remember in one of your previous posts you commented on only being able to afford used for the size tanks you wanted. Also, why Premier Stainless vs. PBST? I was hoping I could contact you offline sometime to pick your brain about issues related to your startup. I posted a few months ago about my own startup attempts down in San Diego. Thanks...

Tony Clarke

Patrick Rue said...


I also have three 15 bbl fermenters that are used (very used actually, they were produced in the 80's). I wanted some 30 bbl fermenters, but couldn't find anything used that was reasonably priced and in good shape, so I went for new.

I did my research on companies that have their fermenters made in China, and I thought Premier had the best quality. From the breweries I've spoken with, I've heard the least complaints (if any) about them, so I decided that a little extra cost for these would be worth it.

Shoot me an email sometime and we could meet up and talk about your brewery.


David said...

How's the 30 bbl fermenter and bright tank? Are they still laying on the floor?

Patrick Rue said...

David-- Sorry for not replying sooner. Those 30 bbl fermenter and brite beer tank are still horizontal, and will be until they get placed in their final spot. They take up a huge amount of room stored horizontally, so I can't wait until get out of the way. Cheers!