Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Pilot Batch Release: Walt by Andrew Bell

It's time for another limited pilot batch to be released at the Tasting Room!

Meer Andrew and try his brand new batch of beer on Thursday 2/20/14 from 6-8PM!

As we continue our series of experimental pilot batches, Andrew Bell, who you may already know from homebrew circles in and around Los Angeles, has prepared a very special tribute beer. Andrew started working at The Bruery as a brewer and was recently promoted to Experimental Brewer.

Andrew's beer was made in memory of Walt Powell, who passed away on June 4th, 2013 at the age of 33. Walt was a craft beer fixture in Andrew's home away from home of Texas, and was a big force on RateBeer.com. Walt was a fan of Orval, a brett-conditioned Trappist ale so this dry, peppery beer was made as a tribute to him.
Andrew elaborates:

Walt is a 7% ABV dry-hopped, funky saison. You can come join us and raise a glass in Walt's name on Thursday, 2/20 from 6-8PM when Andrew will be at the Tasting Room to answer questions about this beer and hand out high fives (not to mention signed headshots. Because we can.)

More specs:
ABV - 6.97 %v/v
Specific Gravity - 1.00173
pH - 4.39
Color - 9.1 SRM
Bitterness - 27.2 IBU

The rest of our schedule for pilot batch releases during February is as follows:

Thursday 2/27 Chupacabra Quincea├▒era by Sean Flannery:
A refreshing 100% Brett fermented blonde beer bursting with clean tropical aroma from the unique brett strain used for fermentation. These notes are complimented with the subtle use of Simcoe and Amarillo hops, which add layers of tangerine and passionfruit.

Bonus: we have one more batch in progress coming up from brewer Stefan ... we just have to be patient on the yeast!

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Debbie Snax said...

This news makes me even more proud that I'm now a remote member of the Preservation Society -- THANK YOU for immortalizing a dear friend who is missed by so many across the world. He would be humbled to know how much he's influenced the international beer community.

Debbie "snax" Cerda

Matt Oehlert said...

My name is matt oehlert, I am the bar supervisor at flix brewhouse in Round Rock, TX, walt's creation, I cant come to LA, but want more than anything to try this beer, is there anyway? Walt was instrumental in introducing me to the real world of beer and belgians quickly became my fave, I want more than anything to try this new tribute

Cambria said...

Thanks for your comments Debbie and Matt. Matt, this beer is only planned to be on draft here at the Tasting Room. As we don't distribute to Texas at this time, we can't send it out there, but we are very pleased Andrew took it upon himself to spread the story of Walt out here on the coast. Hope you can find a way out here. Thank you for sharing your story. Cheers