Saturday, December 19, 2009

Need last minute holiday gift ideas?? We've got new merch!

It's a familiar scenario.  Just a few shopping days left and you have so much shopping left to do.  Maybe you're like me and you haven't even started yet.  Fear not, though my partners in procrastination, The Bruery has you covered.

We just got a fresh shipment of merchandise and these new items are definite winners in the gift category.  For the cooler weather we have these great new long sleeve thermal shirts with The Bruery logo and our tulip glass logo on the back collar.

We also have this very stylish long-sleeve baseball tee.  Here's the front - 

...and the back - 

Now you can all be members of Famille Rue!  A new short sleeve option is in as well in the form of this "vintage" blue t-shirt.  It's very soft!

And finally, if you're looking for the perfect stocking stuffer, look no further than this nice, warm Bruery beanie!

These are all on sale now at the Tasting Room.  We're also still selling our holiday gift baskets and the best gift of all - Bruery Reserve Society memberships.  It's the gift that gives the gift of beer all year!

Cheers and Happy Shopping,


Craig said...

How about a hoodie(shipped to Michigan, please)?

Anonymous said...

Bruery monitors:
Please check comments as you've got someone spamming your blog!

Nice gifts, now I wonder if Santa's going to get me that Bruery Reserve Membership I so desire, or deserve however it looks like I'm destined to be one!
Merry Christmas all and to all a great Brue!