Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Bruery's got more grapes!

Last time we used Zinfandel grapes for a beer that was eventually blended with our young lambic and turned into White Zin, which has been a fan and employee favorite ever since we tapped the first keg. Well now we have a ridiculous amount of Pinot grapes...where will the fun lead?!

Anyone have some cool suggestions of homebrews they've done with grapes or simply ideas they've always wanted to try. You know we're always down for suggestions, though Patrick and Tyler also always have their own crazy thoughts as well. Guess we'll just have to wait and see.


EW said...

That's a lot of grapes! I made my first wine. If I had to do a blend (and I'm not big on wine barrel beers) I'd go ahead and get that going on the skins to pick up some color for 8 days. I'd do a very very light press to basically collect the free juice. Toss everything else, the tannin won't compliment the beer and I discovered how easy it is to extract via pressing the skins.

I'd brew a 'red saison' using a hint of caramel to balance the dryness of the wine. Then use some nobel hops and ferment it out. Maybe shoot for a slightly higher FG as the wine's brix will be nearing 0.

Then start to blend by the pint until a desired FG/SRM is achieved. Barrel some, add bugs to some, let 'er rip and see how it turns out. Maybe use red wine barrels for added complexity?

That's a lot of grapes and a lot of work, esp for the open fermentation.


ben wideman said...

With the holidays coming up, why not try using some wine mulling spices to make a rich Pinot flavored Christmas beer - maybe a spicy wheat/grape base with Christmas spices?

Just a shot in the dark.