Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Know Your Bruers!

To which Bruery employee does this bag belong?

Poll Results
1. Tyler King, 26 votes
2. Rachel Rue, 12 votes
3. Stef Ferarri, 11 votes

The Answer
It's our own Ben Weiss!

In addition to being a fashion enthusiast, Ben does a great job managing Public and Media Relations for The Bruery. Next time you see him around, say hello!


Benjamin Weiss said...


Tyler King said...

Really... how do I have the most votes? lol

k1c101 said...

thats a tough one.

Dave said...

Kanye West, the self proclaimed "Louis Vitton Don"

Brandon said...

Are you still brewing the Hottenroth Berliner? I had some for the first time last night and am dying to get my hands on a 6 pack.

Benjamin Weiss said...

Yes Brandon, we just brewed a batch earlier this week in fact and we plan on keeping it coming.

And Dave, i'm just trying to follow in the ways of the West.

k1c101 said...

i had a feeling but it was a coin flip between ben and jonas

Brandon said...

Do you know of an exact location I can buy the Hottenroth in Los Angeles?

If not, do you sell it at your brewery?

Thanks for the info.

Jonas said...

Brandon, we don't bottle the Berliner Weisse at the moment (although we plan to in the near future). Stone (our distributor for LA/SoCal) will be receiving a new shipment of kegs next week, so look for it in better beer places shortly. We also have it on draft at our tasting room now (details on our website).