Friday, May 15, 2009

Tap List for Our 1st Anniversary Celebration

I thought I'd leak the list rather than keeping you in suspense.  We're tapping some pretty cool beers.  Rather than commenting on which ones I'm digging the most right now, I'm curious what you think once you've tried them tomorrow.

Main Bar

-- Year Round Beers:
Orchard White (5.7%)

Black Orchard (5.7%)

Saison Rue (8.5%)
Hottenroth Berliner Weisse (3.1%)

-- Seasonal Beers:

Saison De Lente (6.5%)

100% Brett Saison De Lente (6.5%)

Trade Winds Tripel (8.1%)

-- Humulus Series Beers:

Humulus Ambre (5.9%)

Humulus Blonde (5.5%)

-- Limited Release Beers:
Melange #3 (15%)

Papier (14.5%)

Virgin Papier (14%)

Batch No. 1 - Levud’s (11%)

Sour Bar

-- Limited Release Sour Beers:
Melange #1 (9%)

Cuvee Jeune (6%)

White Zin (7.5%)

Gypsy Tart (6.5%)

On the hour (12 - 5), we’ll be opening bottles of barrel aged Papier on the side of the main bar (2 oz. per person).

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!


Brent said...

Wow, sounds great Patrick. I wish I could be there.

Rob Everest said...

Well the Melange #3 was probably my fav, but all the Papiers were excellent, esp. the barrel-aged, bottled varieties. I can't wait to get my three bottles of the Anniversary ales, but I'm sure I won't want to cellar them, like I should, but instead drink 'em.
I also really liked the Humulus Ambre & the Levud's Batch #1 (both first time I had tried those.)