Monday, November 17, 2008

BeerAdvocate Magazine: November and December

I've been very lucky to have some sort of content in three consecutive issues of BeerAdvocate Magazine.  

The first was in October, when Orchard White, Black Orchard and Saison Rue were given "A" Ratings.  

The second was in this month's issue (November 2008) where I write about "Why I'm a Brewer" on the Last Call article.  Thanks to Sean Paxton for the photo featured in this article.

The third will happen in next month's issue in Sean Paxton's excellent food article where he uses Orchard White and Black Orchard in creme brulee.  Thanks Sean for experimenting with my beers and making this delicious dish!
Both Photos: Sean Paxton


Anonymous said...

Great to see that The Bruery's getting mentioned, more, and MORE!

I look forward to reading (and trying) that creme brule with the beers!

Also, great job and turnout at the AHA Rally last Saturday, Nov 15. Even with the huge fires 3 miles away, folks came from San Diego, Glendora, Huntington Beach, Woodland Hills, Orange and it was an amazing group or beer LOVERS who had an amazing introduction into the next best small craft brewery in the USA: The Bruery! Here's to success at GABF, World Beer Cup and LA Co. Fair (oops, you already did that!) and much more in the future.

Glad to help out and I love meeting fellow AHA members as well as local brew club members and BJCP beer judges.

Once again, Patrick, Rachel and Tyler have put on the BEST local AHA rally in recent memory and if not for the huge wildfires, we'd have had a lot more folks since 3 freeways were closed.

Brew On!

Rational Realist said...

Great article, great reviews and great beers. I had my wife taste a Trade Winds last Friday to help me detect its many flavors, and it sparked a mini-furor when I did not offer her any more. She never likes my craft beer selections, but she sure wanted more of Trade Winds, unfortunately by the time she told me she wanted more it was gone. She asked me again tonight if I had another bottle and I had to break the news that it is a summer seasonal. Looking forward to The Burery's Christmas offering.

Jesse said...

Hey! That's the back of my shiny head!

You can see some of my notes from the beers you were pouring at:

keep up the great work! - Jesse