Saturday, June 28, 2008

Getting Out There

A few days ago I received a list of the accounts that have ordered by beer, and I just added them on to our listing of retailers.  We now have 28 establishments carrying our beer!  I know of at least five more accounts that will be ordering next week, and there are many others that we have yet to visit.  All of the Stone sales reps. have been doing a great job getting our name out there, so thank you to them!  At least 75% of the accounts that have been opened in the last two weeks have been from Stone sales reps.  That's very significant considering I'm spending two-three days per week finding new accounts.

Check out the list at   If your favorite place to buy or drink beer isn't on there, let me know, and equally as important, let the establishment know!

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taffeys said...

Hi Patrick,

I was very impressed with your brews at the San Diego County Fair Craft Beer Festival. How/where can I purchase kegs of Orchard White and Black Orchard (I live in Oceanside)?