Monday, April 7, 2008

99+ Bottles of beer on the...pallet

This past week Patrick, I and several helpers bottled and kegged our way through 75 barrels (approx.) in three days. Thanks to everyone who helped us! Without you, Patrick and I would still probably be bottling. On a more exciting note, we filled up four oak barrels: two bourbon barrels with Batch #1-Levud’s, and two wine barrels with Saison Rue w/ brettanomyces. In the next week or two our anniversary beer will be ready to rack into its pretty cool new home or should I say homes. I’ll let Patrick tell you more about the details later. We will be attending Newport Beach Brewing Company’s 13th Anniversary on April 10th; if you plan on attending make sure to say hi and try our beer! Well, it has been a long day of cleaning at The Bruery and I just realized this isn’t very interesting. Hopefully I’ll see some of you at one of our tastings! (we’ll let you know when everything is locked in!)


Anonymous said...


It was a great time bottling up the first 3 batches last week. I know you'll have no trouble finding new, temporary, homes for them soon.

What time is Newport's Anniv. Party? If you'd post on a lot of the brewboards out there that you're serving your beers there, I'm sure it'll be packed to overflow!

Way to go and I'm looking forward to more excellent samples in the near future.

David said...

So... close....