Saturday, March 15, 2008

Batch No. 1

Batch No. 1 was brewed on Friday, March 7th by Tyler and I, and on Saturday, March 8th with the help of Loren Miraglia (one of the winners of the homebrew competition, along with Mark Graham who unfortunately could not make it), and our friend Brent Rahn.  Both days we had visitors who were eager to see the first batch being brewed.

The batch didn't go perfectly, but I'm confident the end result will meet our high expectations.  The burner system for my boil kettle was acting up a bit, so we had to watch for boil overs and occasionally turn the burners off.   I'm learning how to keep it under control so the burner has been less of an issue for the past few batches.  Our efficiency /extraction from these batches were a bit higher than we expected, so this beer will come out to 10.5-11% ABV instead of the 9.5% we were shooting for.  I even subtracted about 25% of the grain bill for the second day and still overshot my target.  I guess this was meant to be a big beer!

Thanks to Loren for making the trek out here from Encinitas, and to Brent for all of his help!  Also, a special thanks to Tyler for bringing his brewing and sanitation skills to The Bruery.  He's a very talented brewer, and the beers wouldn't be what they'll be without him involved.

Thanks to Spence Coleman for photographing the brew session!  These photos are much better than what I've been taking!

Bourbon / wine barrels and our bar.
The brewhouse / fermenters.
Brent, me, Loren and Tyler.
Tyler peeking into the whirlpool.

Vince, Heather and Kevin enjoying the humid, wort filled air, and perhaps a few beers.


Philly Brewer said...

Wow this is great!! You're an inspiration to homebrewers like myself. I will be checking back frequently. It's great to see you carrying out the dream of many men.

If you get a chance, visit my blog. We're just getting started, but have a look.

Keep on brewin'!

Sheen V said...

I quite agree with philly brewer's comment - its great to see the making of a new brewery! I hope some day to visit and try some.

Prognar said...

A bottle of Batch No. 1, and a bottle of Batch No. 1 cask condition just arrived at my house in Houston, TX. I just thought I'd let you know how far these thigns are traveling :)