Thursday, January 31, 2008


It's been awhile but for a good reason! The past few weeks have been really busy with tons of work being completed, making the waiting time of savoring one of our very first beers in the not too distant future. Two things that I can't wait to work with: our new lab (making sure when you buy our beer that it is up to the quality that you demand) and our newly designed grant. The glycol piping is almost complete and I have to say that it the most impressive glycol setup that I have seen in a small craft brewery (only a brewer, I guess, would get stoked on glycol piping!)Our stainless welder, Todd, is finishing up with the custom piping that Patrick, Todd & I designed. All the loose ends are starting to come together (too much to list) and hopefully soon we will be able to brew, before I forget how to!

I put legs on the grist case.

Our little lab area, still waiting on more supplies!

Me starting to install the auger.

Our almost completed retro grant that Patrick and I designed.
I can't wait to use this thing; it just looks bad-ass!


David said...

I was starting to wonder if you guys were still alive. Any news on the stolen trailer?

Patrick Rue said...

No news on the stolen trailer. It looks like the insurance company will be reimbursing me for most of it though.

Anonymous said...

Lookin' good guy's!

Could you elaborate on the grant or is it a Famille Rue secret?

BrewmasterBrad said...

Hey Tyler, are those flip-flops OSHA compliant? :)

The Bruery looks great. Had a chance to see it up close last night. The retro grant is awesome and so is R2D2.

The first brew day is so close I can taste it!!