Tuesday, December 4, 2007

San Diego Strong Ale Fest

Nevermind the last post... They aren't done yet (it is 7:45 now). I spent the weekend at the festival and met lots of good people. I was surprised by the amount of people I didn't know personally who read this blog. I felt pretty good about that. It rained quite a bit the first night, but the true stong ale lovers seemed to manage in the wetness. Anyway, was a fun weekend serving other breweries beer and talking about my own. Thanks to my beautiful wife Rachel for letting me go. She hasn't seen much of me lately, and I fear that will be the case for the next month. Poor Rachel and Barley! Time to go back to asking WTF they are going to leave so I can go home, eat dinner, and sleep.


Tim Overby said...

I am glad to see that Orange County is finally entering the Micro brew era.

Your actually a four or five months ahead of me. If possible I would like to come by and see your progress, mainly how you handled the health department. I am shopping for a location now and preemptively contacted the OC Health Department and received some very strange requirements for a brewery. I'd like to see how the "Vestibule" is constructed.

Of course I understand you are entering a critical phase getting your equipment in but at the very least I'd like to swing by and share a beer with you. If your interested contact me below.


Tim Overby
Master Brewer
Pacific City Brewing

Patrick Rue said...

Hi Tim,

Sure thing, I'll shoot you an email. Good idea to start with the Health Department now.