Friday, November 9, 2007

Construction: Concrete Demo Completed, Plumbing Started

Things are moving right along here. All of the concrete demolition is finished, and the plumbers are now laying out underground sewer lines for sinks and the trench drain in the brewing area. Here's a few pictures of the concrete demo:


Annie said...

Hi Patrick,

I got wind of this from my mom and it's all so exciting. I tried to submit my e-mail on your home-page, but my Mac is being weird about using my hotmail address there. So, feel free to add me (

I will have to forgive you for not coming to Colorado Springs while you were here to visit Bristol Brewing Company- they won a couple of awards at the GABF. Bristol is, I imagine, a similar model to what you are trying to do??? Have you heard of it.

Anyhow, I love your blog and look forward to drinking some of your beer too! Congratulations!

Patrick Rue said...

Hey Annie! Bristol is a great brewery-- I've heard remarkable things about their culturing of native yeast. I need to go there next time I'm in town.

We'll be at the GABF serving our beer next year, so you should join us if you're able!

Whorst said...

We should talk. I'm looking for a career change. You could use a guy like me on your staff.

David said...

Alright, forward progress! Congratulations. It must be quite satisfying knowing that you'll be up and brewing in no time. It's a sad, sad thing seeing that shiny, sexy stainless laying on it's side.

Brewer Ben said...

Hi Patrick,
I just discovered your blog today while searching for some helpful info on starting a brewery. I have been homebrewering for only a year or so, but I am already thinking forward a couple years to starting my own brewery.

Sitting here bored at my job, I read almost your entire blog from start to finish today and something that struck me was that I need some experience in a brewery, as you have had.

So...I'd love it if you would contact me and thinking about having me come brew with you once in a while on the weekends, you sound like someone who would be glad to have a helping hand and be glad to show someone the ropes.

Either way, congrats on getting so close to your dream. I'm sure the beer will be fantastic once everything is done.